Miembros efectivos del CWG. Izquierda a derecha (atrás): Nerea Vadillo Bengoa, Joseph McMahon, Manuel Viñas Limonchi, Víctor Manuel Pérez. Adelante: Pilar Irala Hortal, Ignacio Escuín Borao

Researchers members of CWG (from left to right): Nerea Vadillo Bengoa, Joseph McMahon, Manuel Viñas Limonchi, Víctor Manuel Pérez; at the front, Pilar Irala Hortal, Ignacio Escuín Borao

The proposal of the international conference about digital culture, society and communication is a timely and suitable scenario to reflect, analyze and outline the current situation of cultural references in our society. Research, experiences, new cultural values, perspectives of new scenarios in the digital and online environment will be analyzed to try to understand the contribution and challenges of the new cultural scenarios: perspectives of the 21st century.

Society lives together and interact in different spaces. The public space and cyber space are currently every day environments in which politics, economy, society and culture coexist. The paradigms of action with which social organizations and individuals accept reality are influenced by communication and information technologies. Internet and the network of technological resources promoted by a “digital” society have given rise to new communication models, innovative systems of production and a specific way of understanding realities in our nearest and farthest environments.

In the current context of digital communication, research answers are given to the questions of characteristics of digital culture, the demand of online users, the technological demands of online applications, the integration in teaching or the real interaction with the “unconnected” society. Nevertheless, to what extent have we reflected, from a holistic, transversal and humanist point of view on the complexity of digital culture? How can we humanize digital culture without losing the perspective of an economic and technological advance in the information society? What are the keys to understanding digital culture in the context of a social life with difficulties, challenges and expectations?

This event is organized by the Cyberspace Working Group research group, which belongs to the USJ School of Communication (acknowledged by the Government of Aragón), and is an activity funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.


Dr. Víctor Manuel Pérez-Martínez
Head Researcher
Cyberspace Working Group

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